Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Slab City- Then and Now

From the moment you pass the first guard shack on your way into Slab City, it’s pretty clear that you’ve left conventionality behind. Ahead of you lies a place where rules are few and individuality reigns supreme.  No plumbing, no electricity, and no running water and yet hundreds of people call Slab City home for part of each year.

Despite the primitive conditions, Slab City offers visitors and residents alike, many amenities without the ever-present oversight of local government.  Enclosed within its borders, Slab City has a church, a library, a restaurant, art exhibits, a music venue, internet cafĂ©, radio station, mechanical repair, pet graveyard, golf course, and barbershop.
Whether you're on your way to Slab City or just interested in what it's all about, Slab City- Then and Now is a great read.  The book is 40 pages, including lots of pictures of Slab City today as well as pictures from its days as a military base. 

Learn about the long-running social experiment going on daily at Slab City.  This book is available for sale in Slab City during the months of November thru March.  It is also available year-round as an e-book.  Just search "Slab City" on Amazon.com.